Great Auk Pair

$ 500.00

Great Auks, pair of extinct bird paintings.

Graceful in the water and ungainly on land, the Great Auk (Alca impennis) occupied the rocky seaside cliffs bordering the North Atlantic. They were large birds standing 2 1/2 feet tall, related to extant species of penguins. They became very rare by the 1840s due to hunting for meat and feathers, though the final blow to the species was the demand for specimens and eggs - as collectors realized the species was disappearing. This painting was inspired by one of the last written accounts of the birds: a pair who were killed by specimen hunters and their egg broken in the scuffle.

This painting is part of my series of extinct birds. I create these images using a combination of sources: written historical accounts and artwork, skeletal or fossil evidence, museum specimens (if available), and photos of similar extant species. These paintings involve much research as well artistic license to fill in the gaps of how some species may have likely appeared.

SIZE: 10x20 inches each, other sizes available by request

MEDIA: acrylic painting on panel, varnished, made to order