I use only high quality artist-grade materials for painting, ensuring the greatest longevity for the artwork.  I use lightfast pigments and varnish all paintings to accentuate the richness and luminosity of the colors.  My varnishing process also protects the painting against wear, sunlight, and dust.  All pieces are initialed on the front, with the artist name and title written on the reverse.

Most of my paintings are created on panels, available in frame-able 1/8" flat sizes as well as 1.5" deep cradled panels ready for frameless display.  To hang, rest the painting on top of two level nails/screws or attach your own hanging wire or hardware into the back of the wooden framework.  This process also works for my stretched canvas paintings.  Most framed works will have attached hangers or wire.


I carefully package all my paintings to ensure they arrive on your doorstep safe and sound.  I take responsibility for your artwork arriving intact. 


The following are potentially harmful to paintings: long-term exposure to direct sunlight, humidity, extreme temperatures, dust / grime, household chemicals, smoke, and excessive handling.  To clean, wipe lightly with a clean soft cloth - never scrub or use solvents.

STORAGE : Use acid-free paper to wrap and protect the surface before placing the artwork in a container.  Do not stack or put weight on the painting.  Basements and attics (without climate control) may expose paintings to dampness and extreme temperature changes, and are not recommended.