Olive's Place

Olive's Place is a dove and pigeon sanctuary located in Tulsa, OK.  We take in birds who are domestic or unreleasable and provide a home for as long as they need it.  We offer advice on pigeon and dove care, including how to build a safe aviary.  We are always looking for good adoptive homes, if you want to add some of these wonderful birds to your life! 

If you need help or want to adopt, email me at canvasdove@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/olivesplacesanctuary/

Instagram: @olives_place

Donations:  paypal.me/olivesplace



I have always had a love for birds.  One of my earliest memories is of a little blue parakeet landing on our roof.  We adopted the lost budgie, and have had birds ever since.  As an adult looking for a way to volunteer and give back, I interned at Farm Sanctuary and learned about caring for birds in a sanctuary setting.  Later, I began volunteering as a wildlife rehabilitator.  One day I was given a fallen dove nest with a newly hatched chick - who I named Olive (and another egg about to hatch - her brother Trevor).  While Trevor grew up perfectly healthy, Olive had lingering problems, and despite the efforts of a wonderful avian vet, we weren't able to save her.  Olive's Place is named in her memory.


As I continued to work with birds, I recognized a gaping hole in the animal rescue community.  While dogs and cats have many shelters and resources, birds have far fewer options.  Pigeons and doves are usually excluded from parrot-centered bird rescues, and as they are not all native, they don't necessarily fall under "wildlife" rescue.  Farmed animal sanctuaries don't generally include them either.  I found my niche, and Olive's Place was hatched.

In 2014, we began renovating an existing shed.  We moved several tons of soil and built two aviaries connected to the building.  We are grateful for grants from the Microsanctuary Movement, which allowed us to make additional improvements and build a third aviary.  We are always looking for great homes for our sanctuary birds - pigeons and doves make great companions.