Weekly Pigeon Series

This series of paintings will document the individuality and diversity of pigeons, whom I will paint in a variety of styles.  Often taken for granted and misunderstood, pigeons are intelligent, adaptive, peaceful companions, and devoted mates and parents. They share a long history with humans as one of the first domesticated animals.  By telling each bird’s unique story, the project will also promote awareness of pigeons/doves in need, who are often left out of shelter and animal rescue systems and are in need of more advocates.  The ultimate goal of the project is to inspire admiration and compassion for these wonderful birds, and to encourage people to take a closer look at them.  This artwork also supports my sanctuary, Olive's Place.
New Weekly Pigeons are posted every Saturday!  They are $55 each and 5x5 inches square on cradled panel - ready to display on an easel or hang frame-less (or you can add a frame).