Pigeon Portrait Project

This series of painted portraits will document the individuality of beloved pigeons and doves, whom I will paint in a traditional style.  The project is inspired by old masters' portraiture and a desire to showcase the distinctive characteristics of these birds.  Often taken for granted and misunderstood, pigeons and doves are intelligent, adaptive, peaceful companions, and devoted mates and parents. They share a long history with humans as one of the first domesticated animals.  By sharing each bird’s unique story, the project will also promote awareness of pigeons/doves in need, who often fall through the cracks of parrot-focused bird rescues as well as shelters and wildlife centers. The ultimate goal of the PPP is to inspire admiration and compassion for these wonderful birds, and to encourage people to look at them as individuals.  
I am currently seeking photograph submissions of pigeons and doves to be featured as part of the Pigeon Portrait Project. Submissions will be ongoing. You can submit as many photos as you like to canvasdove@gmail.com. Photos need to be as clear and large as possible. Please include your name, the name of the bird(s), a bit about their personality, and a brief history, if known. IMPORTANT: Sending these photos and stories grants me permission to use them. Your photos will be used only as references for creating artwork, and your story may be edited.  I retain sole copyright of the artwork I create.  
You will be notified by email if your submission is used for the project. I am very excited to hear from other people who love pigeons and doves as much as I do!  The Pigeon Portrait Project will consist of a series of paintings of doves and pigeons, and their personal stories. They will be displayed on my website, social media, and may be eventually compiled into a printed book. I hope to secure public showings of the project as well. The paintings will be eventually offered for sale, with 10% of profits to benefit Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Rescue. Featured in the example paintings above are Jacob and Hester (of Palomacy).