"Longest Day" Alzheimer's Event June 24, 2015 14:06

I was selected to be a featured artist for the Alzheimer's Association "Longest Day" event held at the Philbrook Museum of Art last Sunday.  The project collected stories from individuals with Alzheimer's as well as their caretakers and family members - which artists then interpreted and illustrated.  My subject was an account of the last few years in the life of Mike. I was also honored to meet his wife and children at the event (pictured below).

What struck me most about the story was the unconditional love within the family.  Mike built computers, so I used a circuit panel motif to symbolize the connections he formed.  The interconnected images represent his strong relationships as a husband and father. 

Channel KJRH 2 News in Tulsa covered the event: http://www.kjrh.com/news/longest-day-of-the-year-event-held-sunday-at-philbrook-museum