Aviary - new upgrades coming! April 27, 2015 19:32

This is my double aviary - built with expanded metal panels and 2x4s.  The building was in poor shape, so we reinforced, re-sided, and re-roofed the exterior and are in the process of finishing the last of two interior spaces.  The East wing (left) is a large flight area for birds I take in for wildlife rehab.  As soon as birds are old enough to self-feed, they move to the aviary to build flight muscles, observe wild adults who visit the feeders, and prepare for release back into the wild.  The North wing (right) houses my disabled pigeons, who are permanent residents.  I have several feral pigeons and one ex-racing homer, all of whom are unable to fly well (or at all) due to injury. 

The building that connects the two outdoor aviaries is divided into two sections.  The East wing indoor side is already finished (another blog post will feature that project).  The pigeons are going to have a fabulous interior space soon, as we will add a door and window, and finish the inside of their half of the building.